Inside the Peloton GFNY Sebring 2021 – Luis Alfaro

“Resilience & chasing dreams”
Luis Alfaro

From a district close to the capital of Costa Rica, Luis Alfaro is a veteran who is all about overcoming obstacles and coming back stronger. He will be part of the peloton at GFNY Florida Sebring this Sunday, October 31.

Luis has over 10 years of experience in the cycling world. Together with his cycling club CRC WORLD, he often rides in the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

As a seasoned and well-rounded cyclist, he has many Costa Rican races under his belt. From multi-day races and climbing volcanoes on his mountain bike to riding CR TdF etappes and fellow Gran Fondo road races, Luis has seen them all.

But it has not always been like that. Luis opened up to me by sharing that he has struggled with alcoholism in the past. After a commendable 10 years of sobriety, he was recently faced with a bad experience in his life which caused a relapse. His humility and strength became all the more apparent when he matter-of-factly mentioned that he reached out to AA by himself and started training again shortly after that.

After a few months of recovery, feeling better and getting back to “the best sport in the world”, Luis saw the notice for GFNY Florida Sebring and immediately got excited about it. But with only a couple months till race day, participating would mean he would have to train extra hard. Resilient as ever, he was up for the challenge and decided to register. 

I have participated in a lot of races in Costa Rica over the past years”, he says. “But, going to another country to participate in an international GFNY cycling race feels like a dream come true”.