Official Host Hotels

We are preparing official hotel partners for you because we know it’s a nicer experience to stay around other athletes when you travel to a race, and when the hotel is prepare to host cyclists. In the meantime, if you have a housing request already, please contact us.

While there are dozens of accommodation options in Quito, there are six reasons why you should stay at a GFNY partner hotel:

  1. Location: we know what makes sense from a GFNY perspective.
  2. They allow bikes in your hotel room.
  3. You are around other participants for an impromptu training ride or sharing war stories after the event.
  4. Guaranteed availability of a 4am breakfast on raceday to fuel you for the big day.
  5. We've done the research; all you need to do is book.
  6. The hotels offer discounted rates to you and not a commission to us.